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We have worked in partnership with third sector organisations throughout Carmarthenshire to advocate on behalf of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic population. We have listened to the voices of young people and shared their feedback on the experiences they have had in school and their local communities surrounding racist incidents. From this, we have identified that there is great work to be done in schools around Wales and we will continue our role in being a voice for those young people and others still to share their stories. The Welsh Government has set itself a target to become anti-racist by 2030 and we want to help local organisations do their part to achieve this.

Representation is vital for our wellbeing - It improves confidence and impacts our self-esteem

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Consultancy and Training

We help organisations to recoginse the importance of diversity within their business through consultancy and race awareness training. We encourage discussions within our sessions that will challenge organisational culture, perceptions, what it means to be truly anti-racist and how to bring about change within the work place and communities. We support organisation to explore the social construction of race, and these discussions help to break down the misconceptions of stereotypes, biases and to understand the role that racism plays in our society.


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